Resources for Research Data

Securing Human Subjects Information

All research data involving human subjects must be appropriately secured, even where de-identified. All applicable Information Security policies must also be followed. The Health Information Privacy & Compliance Office and the IRB strongly encourage the use of tools available through the Center of Excellence for HIPAA Data, such as the University's Box instance.

E-mailing research participants is discouraged. If you determine that communicating with your research participants by e-mail is necessary, you must use the Proofpoint Secure Email Center, which allows research study teams to securely send and receive email.

For assistance in determining appropriate storage for your data, you can use HST as a resource.

The Institutional Research Board at University of Minnesota

The University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research projects involving human participants, working with investigators to ensure adequate protection and informed, uncoerced consent. The Health Information Privacy and Compliance Office works closely with the IRB on issues involving health subjects research compliance.