Information about HIPAA Training

HIPAA Training Requirements for Employees and Students

The University of Minnesota provides online training courses on proper handling of health information and information security. These training courses are required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) regulations and the University Policy on Protected Health Information.

To be considered compliant with the University’s HIPAA Training requirement, all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers at the University of Minnesota who work in areas that have access to Protected Health Information, or who support areas that have access to this information must complete this training, even if they don't work directly with Protected Health Information. This is because these areas may have incidental contact with Protected Health Information, and because people in these areas may encounter HIPAA violations, and are required to know how to respond to these violations.

This training consists of two separate training courses that you may complete online:

All employees and students must complete both HIPAA and Information Security Awareness training to be considered compliant.

As of June 2, 2023, no previous courses are equivalent to HIP023 HIPAA Training.  You must complete HIP023 to be considered compliant with our HIPAA training requirement. We ask that training be completed within two weeks of assignment in Training Hub. Please note that any research studies undergoing HIPCO ancillary review must complete the HIP023 training before they can be approved.

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How to Access Your Assigned Training Step-by-Step

If HIPAA training has already been assigned to you:

  1. Sign into Training Hub using your U of M Internet ID and password;
  2. Once at your Training Hub homepage, click on the tab “My Training” and under the drop down menu, click on “Current Training;”
  3. Click on the “View Details” button for course (HIP023) HIPAA Training and then click "Launch Course";
  4. Another window will open up with the training course;
  5. Proceed through the course by clicking on the "Next" buttons that appear in the bottom right corner of the slides;
  6. Once the course is finished, you can close training course page.

If you want to register yourself for HIPAA training:

  1. Sign into Training Hub using your U of M Internet ID and password (If you do not have a UMN email account you will need to register before you can log in);
  2. After you have signed in, your Training Hub homepage will appear;
  3. Click "Course Catalog" to search for online courses.  Type “HIPAA Training” in the search box;
  4. A number of courses will appear on the search results list;
  5. Click on the course title “(HIP023) HIPAA Training” and the page “Training Details” will appear;
  6. Click on “Launch” to start the training course;
  7. After the training course is completed, it will appear on your training transcript.

How to Check the Completion Status of Your Training

How to find out if you have completed HIPAA training:

You can access information about the training courses you have completed in the “My Training” page of the University of Minnesota’s Training Hub system. If you have questions about checking your Training Hub record, please contact the University’s Technology Help Desk.

  1. Log in to Training Hub using your University username and password.
  2. On the welcome page, click the maroon “My Training” box.
  3. Under the training page you can access current and past training, print your training record for only completed course, or full training record.

How to find training records for an employee, department, or course:

University of Minnesota employees who have access to MyU Reporting Center can view training records for a specific employee or for an entire department.

  1. Log in to MyU.
  2. Click “Key Links” in the top navigation and select “Reporting Center.”
  3. Scroll down to Human Resource Management, expand the category, and select “Training History.”
  4. You can view training records of an individual employee, specific department, or course.